I'll Never Love Again Ost.A Star Is Born  Lady Gaga


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I'll Never Love Again - Lady Gaga Ost.A Star Is Born
Wish I could I could have said goodbye
I would have said what I wanted to Maybe even cried for you

If I knew it would be the last time
I would have broke my heart in two Tryin' to save a part of you

* Don’t want to feel another touch Don't want to start another fire
Don't want to know another kiss No other name falling off my lips
Don't want to give my heart away To another stranger
Or let another day begin Won't even let the sunlight in
( No I'll never love again I'll never love again Ooouuu ooou oou Oh )

When we first met I never thought that I would fall
I never thought that I'd find myself lyin' in your arms Mmmm mmmm
And I wanna pretend that it's not true oh baby that you're gone
Cause my world keeps turnin' and turnin' and turnin’ and I'm not movin' on

( * )

I don't wanna know this feeling unless it's you and me
I don't wanna waste a moment Hoooo ouuu
And I don't wanna give somebody else the better part of me
I would rather wait for you Hoooo ouuu

( * )

Oooo I'll never love again Love again I'll never love again I'll never love
Again I won't I won't I swear I can’t I wish I could but I just won't
I'll never love again I'll never love
Again Who


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