3am  HONNE


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3am - HONNE
It's in the eyes of the beholder And it's you I'm looking at
Oh your freckles span a constellation Your whole body is a map

But I know where I'm going I have known a long long time
And girl you're going with me Cause tonight girl you're all mine

* There’s no point in trying to hide it I will come and find it
I know it's in there somewhere Your love for me is out there
I can hear it calling Where's your sense of belonging?
We could be getting frisky girl Till three o'clock in the morning

Something caught my attention Yeah it's you I'm talking 'bout
Cause your eyes are like an ocean I can dive straight into that

And I feel like a wave passed When I'm 'round you Nothing can bring me down
You make me candles Nothing I would think can stop us now

( * )

Oh baby, why'd you keep on fighting me?
You won't know what you got until it's gone
So screw your head back on
Know that you're my girl You are my number, my number one

My number one
Girl, you're my number one

( * )


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