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Metal Round Up ทดสอบ 4 หัวแอมป์ Diezel , Fryette , Koch , Rivera

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Diezel VH4

Output: 90-160 Watt
Channels: 4 indepedent: clean, crunch, mega, lead
Loops: serial, parallel, 4 channel inserts
Equalization: per channel: bass, midlle, treble global: presence, deep
Preamp: 4 individual preamps with gain & vol
Poweramp: monoaural, recommended: JJ KT77

Fryette Pittbull Ultra-Lead G100UL/EQ 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head

Power output
120 Watts RMS

4, 8 or 16 ohms
Two parallel output jacks

Tube Complement
1-12AX7WB Sovek (Russia Selected)
4-12AX7AC (China Selected)
1-12AT7 (China Selected)
4-Premium Matched Sovtek KT88 Power Tubes

FC-2 Footswitch (included)

Recommended cabinet: FatBottom for maximum projection, exceptional low-end definition and focused sound

Actual Dimensions (W x H x D): 29.25" X 9.5" X 10.5" (74 X 24 X 27 mm)
Actual Weight: 50 Lb. (23 kg)
Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D): 34" X 15" X 18" (86 X 38 X 45 mm)
Shipping Weight: 55 Lb. (25 kg)

Koch Supernova

•All tube pre- and Power-amp (4 x EL34 + 8 x 12AX7)

•Available as a 120W mono or as a 2 x 60W stereo version.

•5 channels(Clean Crunch, Gain, High gain and Ultra high gain) with 4 independent tone controls *

•2 master volumes*

•Voicing switches on all channels * (Low, Mid shift, Bright +, High cut)

•2 parallel and 2 serial fx loops *

•Classic long scale model reverb *

•“Normal” and “Bright clean” inputs.

•3-way speaker damping, High/Medium/Low *

•OTS function * (See text below for more details on this feature)

•Friendly user interface ensuring easy operation

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