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  Sawadee krap :) all Thai musicians  
Sorry I don't speak Thai well
To be here, I fight with Google Translate hahaha :)

I'm a Korean who loves a guitar so much as you guys.

I'm looking for Ibanez or PRS SE something has very thin neck :)

I wanna play a guitar in Thailand with many Thai guitar heroes haha.

I'm checking on olx.co.th

Do you guys know any good website for used guitar?

huuuui22   5 มิ.ย. 57   เวลา 0:15:00       พิมพ์   แจ้งลบ      IP =

  คำตอบที่ 1  
Hi there
give a try on this forum http://www.guitarthai.com/homeclass.asp
it's a classified forum on Guitarthai.com

so many cheap and nice used guitar, but always be cautious for muggers and thives.

= )

   สมาชิกแบบพิเศษ      WoodyIsHere      5 มิ.ย. 57   เวลา 0:58:00    IP =

  คำตอบที่ 2  
Hi nice to meet u and welcome to guitarthai.com.

   lore      5 มิ.ย. 57   เวลา 6:48:00    IP =

  คำตอบที่ 3  
Hello...I don't speek english very well, I would say you came to the right way. on classified page there are several used guitars for you.

   cei      5 มิ.ย. 57   เวลา 10:13:00    IP =

  คำตอบที่ 4  

I think this is the largest internet guitar market here in Thailand. You've come to the right place.

   killermax      5 มิ.ย. 57   เวลา 10:41:00    IP =

  คำตอบที่ 5  
if you are in bangkok, there are 2 used guitar shops i would recommend to you because it's easy to go by MRT or BTS, 1.Music Center at fortune town(3rd floor) near MRT rama9 2.Music Society at coco walk near BTS rajthevee

   Stevie Ray Vaughan      5 มิ.ย. 57   เวลา 13:04:00    IP =

Bigtone.in.th Online Music Store


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