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รึใครมี เคยได้ลองเล่าให้ฟังหน่อย ผมยังไม่เคยแฮะ

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Rosewood is popular for fretboards thanks to its smooth feel, but its durability is also crucial. Rosewood isn’t susceptible to staining or wearing out like some softer tonewoods can be, so it’s perfect for fretboards – the most frequently attacked bit of your guitar!

Ebony is a very dense and heavy but smooth tonewood. It also wears very well and will hold up to years of playing.
In terms of tone, ebony provides a very responsive bright, snappy and crisp attack coupled with a smooth sustain.

Maple is known for its density, resulting in a loud, bright and transparent tone. It’s not a particularly common fretboard wood for acoustic guitars, more often seen on electrics. Maple might make a good option for a fingerboard if your body wood offers a darker, warmer tone; the maple will balance it out and deliver a more balanced tone.

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